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Garden Grove, "The City of Youth and Ambition," is a community proud to celebrate its diverse culture with four annual cultural festivals and the famous Strawberry Festival. As Garden Grove continues to move into the future, it is very important to develop a plan that improves and protects the city’s unique attributes. This is where you can help!

California requires each city and county to adopt a general plan to guide the growth and development of the community, usually over a twenty-year horizon. Garden Grove's last comprehensive update to the General Plan took place in 1995. The City of Garden Grove is now initiating the important task of updating its General Plan to better address current issues and to reflect the values and visions of the community. The City is asking everyone to participate in the process! Your input will help create the vision for the future of Garden Grove!

For more information contact: Erin Webb, General Plan Project Manager or Paul Wernquist, Urban Planner at (714) 741-5312.